August 6, 2014 Planning Board Work Session Minutes


Approved 10/15/14

DATE: August 6, 2014
TIME: 7:30 P.M.
PLACE: Wilton Town Hall Courtroom
PRESENT: Wilton Planning Board Members: Chairman Alec MacMartin, Neil Faiman, Jeff Kandt, Sara Spittel, Alternate Dawn Tuomala, Board of Selectmen Representative Kermit Williams, NRPC Representative Jill Longval, and Clerk Heather Loewy Nichols

The agenda was amended as follows:

Work Session
1.) Other Business
- Land Use Master Plan Chapter
- Prioritize remaining Master Plan chapters
- Future meetings
- Adjournment
Public Hearing
1.) Excavation Renewal Update


1. Other Business
- Land Use Master Plan Chapter
The Board reviewed and revised an updated draft of the Master Plan Land Use chapter as presented by Ms. Longval. She will bring an updated revision to the next work session. The Board also determined that they will adopt any completed chapters at the end of the calendar year.

- Prioritize remaining Master Plan Chapters
After discussion, the Board decided to work on the Economic Development chapter at the next work session. Ms. Longval may also present a smaller chapter to work on at the same time as the Economic Development chapter.

- Future Meetings
The Board asked that “Impact Fees” be placed on the next work session agenda. After discussion, the Board realized that they will likely not have a quorum at the next meeting. After consulting with Dawn Tuomala (whose clients are the only ones on the agenda) it was decided that the meeting must be held but that the cases will be continued to the next work session.

Chairman MacMartin opened the public hearing at 9:00 p.m.

1.) Excavation Renewal Procedures updates
The Board reviewed the latest revisions made to the proposed excavation renewal procedures as presented by Ms. Longval and made revisions.

A MOTION was made by Mr. Kandt and SECONDED by Mr. Williams to continue the public hearing to September 3, 2014.
Voting: 5 ayes; motion carried unanimously.

Chairman MacMartin declared the public hearing closed.

A MOTION was made by Mr. Faiman and SECONDED by Mr. Kandt to adjourn the meeting.
Voting: 5 ayes; motion carried unanimously.

Chairman MacMartin declared the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Heather Loewy Nichols

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