July 16, 2014 Meeting Agenda


Wednesday, July 16, 2014
7:30 p.m.
Wilton Town Hall Courtroom
42 Main Street, Wilton, NH 03086


Excavation Renewal
1)      PBEX-03: Leighton White – Applicant is requesting an excavation permit renewal for Lot E-017.
Conditionally Approved Applications
2)      PB13-007-SPR: Hilltop Cafe Amended Site Plan
Purpose of Plan: Expansion of Hilltop Café: expand kitchen, seating and parking, changes to exterior of building and hours of operation. 
New Applications
3)                     PB14-004-DER: Steve and Winona Mayhew
Purpose of Plan: to add an additional driveway to access a potential future addition to the existing residence.
4)                      PB14-004-SPR: Patrick Gilliam & Pine Hill Waldorf School
Purpose of Plan: To expand the intended use of the existing facility to include children 6 weeks to 5 years of age in full day daycare in addition to the current schooling students who are ages 3 years and up.
Excavation Renewals
5)      PBEX01: Quinn Brothers; Lot B-05
6)      PBEX02: Quinn Brothers
7)      PBEX05: Quinn Brothers
Other Business
8)                     Adjournment