PB12-015-LLA Fournier Lot Line Adjustment

PB12-015-LLA Building Performance Solutions, LLC. Application for lot line adjustment. Located at 174, 180 Main St. & 5 Defoe Alley. The intent is to add portions of lot K-79 to Lot K-78 & K-82 eliminating Lot K-79. Wilton NH 03086, Tax Map K-82, 180 Main St. K-78, 174 Main St. K-80, 5 Defoe Alley

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Submission: PB12-015-LLA Fournier - NRPC Review

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October 11, 2012
Meeting: October 17th 2012 Regular session September 10, 2012
Submission: PB12-015-LLA Fournier Lot Line Adjustment Plans

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September 29, 2012