July 2, 2008 Wilton Planning Board - Joint Meeting with the Lyndeborough Planning Board

Calendar Name: 
Planning Board (Joint Mtg with Lyndeborough P.B.)
Date/Time of Meeting: 
07/02/2008 7:30pm

July 2, 2008 joint meeting of the Wilton Planning Board took place at the Wilton Town Hall at 7:30 p.m. with the Lyndeborough Planning Board.

Minutes for this Meeting:

DATE:           July 2, 2008
TIME:            7:30 P.M.
PLACE:            Wilton Town Hall Courtroom, NH


PRESENT:    Wilton Planning Board Members: Chairman Jeff Kandt, Neil Faiman, Selectman Representative Bill Condra, Alternate Walter Zuber,   NRPC Representative Steve Wagner, and Clerk Heather Loewy Nichols.
Lyndeborough Planning Board: Chair Tracey Turner, Mike Decubellis, Bill Ball, Tom Chrisenton, Bob Rogers, Selectman Representative Steve Brown, and Clerk Pauline Ball.
Chairman Jeff Kandt called the meeting to order at 7:34 p.m. and appointed Dave Holder and Walter Zuber to the Board as a voting member.
1. Subdivision Application - Provost 1993 Trust –for Lot B-014 Cram Hill Road in the Residential/Agricultural and Wetlands Districts. Applicant is proposing a 14-lot subdivision
Jeff Merritt, from Keach Nordstrom, appeared before the Board for the applicant and reviewed the changes that had been made to the plan since the last meeting. He explained that at they have revised the plan by removing the non-conforming back lot from the front of the subdivision and relocated it to the end of the cul-de-sac to allow for the additional acreage needed to conform to the reduced frontage lot regulations. He explained that while the overall density has not changed they would now like to access Lots 14-07, 08 and 09 with a private way and submitted a revised conceptual driveway plan.
Jeff Merritt submitted a proposal for offsite improvements in Lyndeborough and stated that they had reviewed the cost analysis submitted by the Lyndeborough Road Agent and they found a mathematical error. He explained that he has confirmed with the Road Agent that there was an error and then used the new numbers to determine the apportionment for the development. He further explained that they performed a traffic count and found that the fair share apportionment for the subdivision is 21% of the Cram Hill Road improvement costs and 10% of the Wilton Road improvement costs and they are recommending $31, 000 as their contribution. In response to a question from the Lyndeborough Board, Jeff Merritt stated that one “trip” is leaving or coming on the road but not both.
Jeff Merritt stated that he spoke to Steve Wagner and they have gone over the Wilton check list and most of the issues have been resolved, however they are asking for a waiver of item 6.1(n) - Plat Standards, as they are currently using a scale of 1” to 2,000’, in order to show the roadway network, rather then the required 1” to 1000’ scale.
Bob McKenney appeared before the Board and explained that he had met with the wildlife biologist, Tracey Tarr, and has sent her report to Bob Prokup, the applicant’s wildlife biologist. He stated that he expects that Bob Prokup will be submitting a rebuttal. He explained that attorney Tom Quinn has started creating easements and that they will be submitted in advance of the next meeting for review by the Board. 
In response to a comment from the Lyndeborough Board, Bob McKenney explained that the restrictive conveyances will include language about the septic systems not being allowed in Lyndeborough.
Chairman Jeff Kandt asked for a copy of the traffic counts performed by Keach Nordstrom.
Bob McKenney explained that they had been proposing a 10’ wide trail but they will be increasing the width to 15’, rather than the 20’ width that the Conservation Commission has requested. Bob McKenney discussed with the Board and public, that due to liability reasons, they are proposing limitations to foot traffic and equestrian traffic on the trail. After discussion, Bob McKenney stated that as long as the liability, maintenance, and enforcement issues could be resolved the applicant is open to allowing traffic other than snowmobiles on the trail.
Bob McKenney further stated that they are going to try and incorporate some of the Tracey Tarr’s recommendations but some of her recommendations would require a whole new design.
The Lyndeborough Board noted that Route 13 should be Route 31 on the locust map.
A MOTION as made by Bob Rogers that the Lyndeborough Planning Board accept the plan subject to the notes about septic placement being put on the plan. After discussion regarding the recommendations of Tracey Tarr, the MOTION was WITHDRAWN as the Board wanted to hear her full report at the next meeting before accepting the plan.
A MOTION was made by Neil Faiman and SECONDED by Walter Zuber that the Wilton Board find that the proposed alternative lot development better serves the neighborhood than that of a conventional lot layout.
 Voting: 5 ayes; motion carried.
A MOTION was made by Neil Faiman and SECONDED by Bill Condra to grant the waiver of checklist item 6.1(n).
Voting: 5 ayes; motion carried.
Steve Wagner noted that if the Board allowed feedback to be filtered through him, it may speed up the process. 
A MOTION was made by Bill Condra and SECONDED by Neil Faiman to continue the application to August 7, 2008 in Lyndeborough.
Voting: 5 ayes; motion carried.
2. Sign Application – Eastview Condominium Association – Applicant is proposing an 8’ x 3’, freestanding, sign constructed of 2” sign foam with a metal frame.
Bill appeared before the Board and explained that the applicant wants to take the current sign off the wall and place a sign on top of the wall as they have been using concrete to hold the stones of the wall in place and now the concrete is dilapidated. He is proposing erecting the sign behind the stone wall so that it will sit just above the stone wall. The dimensions are 8’ long, and 3’ high for a total of 24 SF. In response to a question from the Board, Bill explained that the sign will be viewable from both sides and that it will be made of two pieces of dense sign foam that will sandwich the posts. The Board determined that Lot D-095 is in the residential/agricultural district and therefore a sign can only by 4 SF.
A MOTION was made by Walter Zuber and SECONDED by Bill Condra to deny the application due to non- compliance of regulation as the sign is too large.
Voting: 4 ayes; with Neil Faiman abstaining as the issue will probably be going to the Zoning Board on an appeal.
Other Business
The Board brainstormed the following issues that they would like to discuss in a future work session.
  • Bringing the Building Code up to date to reference the new international codes
  • Wellhead protection after meeting with the Water Commissioners and receiving the Emory and Garrett report.
  • Refine language for zoning districts
  • Look at official maps and make sure that they are available and up to date
  • Applications need to be cleaned up with regards to fees
  • Cluster regulation needs c corrections
  • Checklist has an error
  • Stormwater Management
  • Add electronic submission to the regulation
  • Require ten 11X17’s,three large plans, and a pdf copy with each submission
  • Change HISS requirement to site specific soil testing
  • Excavation regulations- require updated site plan upon renewals
  • Workforce housing availability assessment
  • Ordinance regarding private roads
  • Streamlining site plan review, expedited for simple change of use
  • Create a “downtown” district
  • Follow up on new flood maps and their adoption with the BOS
  • Alternative energy ordinance
A MOTION was made by Bill Condra and SECONDED by Neil Faiman to adjourn.
Voting: 5 ayes; motion carried.
Chairman Jeff Kandt declared the meeting adjourned at 9:26 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Heather Loewy Nichols
Planning Board Clerk
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