December 3, 2014 Planning Board Work Session

Calendar Name: 
Planning Board Work Session
Date/Time of Meeting: 
12/03/2014 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Wilton Town Hall meeting room
Application Deadline: 
November 11, 2014
Minutes for this Meeting:





DATE: December 3, 2014

TIME: 7:30 P.M.

PLACE: Wilton Town Hall Courtroom

PRESENT: Wilton Planning Board Members: Chairman Alec MacMartin, Jeff Kandt, Sara Spittel, Neil Faiman, Marcie Kerns, Alternate Dawn Tuomala, NRPC Representative Jill Longval, and Clerk Heather Loewy Nichols


The agenda was amended as follows: 


Work Session

OB: Planning Board Budget

OB: Economic Development Forum Follow Up

OB: Cropaholics – Administrative Review

OB: Economic Development Master Plan Chapter

OB: Land Use and Vision Chapters

OB: Adjournment


Chairman MacMartin opened the meeting and placed Dawn Tuomala on the Board as a voting member in place of Matt Fish.


Other Business

Planning Board Budget


Mr. MacMartin provided the Board with the proposed 2015 Planning Board budget and noted a decrease in the clerical and advertising lines as this year the Board still had a significant amount remaining in those line items. The Board also discussed the need to encumber the $10,142.12 for the 2014 Master Plan work. Ms. Tuomala explained that the Board of Selectmen need a copy of the contract and a letter from the Planning Board Chairman asking to encumber/escrow the $10,142.12.  Mr. MacMartin stated that the Planning Board is 7th on the Budget Committee agenda on 12/4/14. 


Economic Development Forum Follow Up


Ms. Longval presented the Board with documents from the Planner in the Town of Milford. She explained that Milford does not generally require a change of use to come to the Planning Board unless it requires changes to the site. The Board noted that one of Milford’s regulations requires site plan approval if no approved site plan currently exists. Ms. Longval noted that Milford has a provision that allows the Community Development Director and Zoning Administrator to determine that no Planning Board approval is needed. She also noted that Milford requires that a Tenant Change application be completed for every tenant change.


The Board discussed whether the determination if a change of use needs to come before the Board could be delegated to NRPC. The Board questioned if there is an appeals process by the Milford Planning Board if they decide they do not agree with the decision of their Community Development Director. 


The Board decided to continue the discussion at the December 17th meeting. 


Discussion ensued regarding change of use in the Main Street properties, specifically noting that most of these properties do not have original site plans on file. The Board noted that they are really looking more for a floor plan versus a site plan and that the owners of the properties, as most of them are rented out, could submit plans to the Board if they wanted to make their tenant transitions go more smoothly.


Cropaholics – Administrative Review


Jennifer St. Cyr, owner of Cropaholics, appeared before the Board and explained that she has outgrown her space at 53 Main Street and she would like to move to 39 Main Street. She stated that she would like to move her sign and the studio will remain down stairs at 39 Main Street. She explained that the former tenants had a retail establishment. 


Ms. Tuomala noted that there is an existing site plan from when Beanies, another retail establishment, occupied the space. 


In response to a question from Mr. MacMartin, Ms. St. Cyr stated that she is not changing any electric or plumbing. 


In response to a question from Ms. Spittel, Ms. St. Cyr stated that she will be doubling her space from the old location. 


The Board noted that she will still need to do a sign application.


A MOTION was made by Mr. Faiman and SECONDED by Ms. Tuomala that the Board advise the applicant that they do not believe that the proposal for the relocation of Cropaholics from 53 to 39 Main Street, as described, will need further site plan review.

Voting: 6 ayes; motion carried unanimously.


 Economic Development Master Plan-  chapter outline and examples


Ms. Longval submitted Economic Development Chapters from Peterborough, Amherst, MA, Amherst, NH, and Groton, MA to the Board as well as a proposed outline for the Wilton Economic Development Chapter. The Board decided to review the materials and discuss at the next meeting.  


Land Use and Vision Chapters – adoption schedule 

The Board decided to hold a public hearing on January 21st to review and approve the Land use and Vision Chapters but will hold off on officially adopting the chapters until all the updated chapters are complete.



A MOTION was made by Mr. Kandt and SECONDED by Ms. Tuomala to adjourn the meeting. 

Voting: 6 ayes; motion carried unanimously.


Chairman MacMartin declared the meeting adjourned. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Heather Loewy Nichols


Agenda for this Meeting:

 Click HERE for a PDF.