Wilton Natural Resources Inventory - Report and Maps

Submission Date: 

The Wilton Conservation Commission contracted with the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests to produce a Natural Resources Inventory, which includes a report and a series of detailed maps, showing Natural Resources within the Town.


The Report was approved by the Conservation Commission on June 8, 2009:

Wilton Natural Resources Inventory Report (pdf, 35 pages, 1.59MB)


The following maps are available for download:

Wilton Water Resources Map (pdf, 4.44MB)

Wilton Wildlife Habitat Map (pdf, 2.86MB)

Wilton Farm and Forest Resources Map (pdf, 3.95MB)

Wilton Scenic Resources Map (pdf, 5.03MB)

Wilton Historic and Cultural Resources Map (pdf, 4.01MB)

Wilton Natural Resource Co-occurrance Map (pdf, 5.31MB)

Wilton Natural Resource Co-occurrance Map, by Parcel (pdf, 7.49MB)

Wilton Aerial Photoraphy Map (pdf, 53.67 MB)


You will need a program like Adobe's Acrobat Reader to allow you to view the PDF files.